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With social media and instant messaging on the rise where does that leave Email?

With the numerous social networking tools and instant messaging vehicles available for online communication such as Facebook, Skype, Google Chat, and Twitter, email is often seems less relevant to organizations today.Instant messaging is convenient, fast and to-the point, and for the corporate user sending and receiving 115 emails a day, the appeal is obvious. With SM and IM on the rise, is email becoming obsolete?

Here are some stats that clear it up in our tidy infographic: How Does Email Stack Up?

The Future of Email: More Users, More Functional, More Impactful

Despite the booming popularity of instant messaging vehicles and social media platforms, email is still the internet’s “killer app” remaining internet users’ most widely used form of communication with its use only expected to grow, especially in the corporate sector. Email’s ever increasing functionality beyond just sending messages–from email cloud drives that enable you store data in the cloud, to file sharing applications– enhances email as a medium for communication and collaboration. Email’s growth and increasing functionality position it as a channel that will only be more impactful in the future.


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